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 2019-09-18 09:10:46

从不同的角度描述同一事物,例如,自学teach oneself;远程教育 distanct、learning。再如:

In his 1776 work The Wealth of Nations,Scottish economist Adam Smilh proposed that specialization in production leads to increased output. 苏格兰经济学家亚当▪斯密在其1776年所著的《国富论》中认为,专业化生产会引起产出增加。


FDA publishes GUIDANCE TO INDUSTRY for the first time. This guidance, "Procedures for the Appraisal of the Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, ”came to be known as the "black book." FDA首次发布烟台翻译公司《产业指导》。该指导题目为 “食品中化学制剂毒性的评估程序”,人们习惯称之为“黑皮书”。



In 1954, MILLER PESTICIDE AMENDMENT spells out procedures for setting safety limits for pesticide residues on raw agricultural commodities. 1954 年,《米勒杀虫剂修正案》详细规定了制定未加工农产品杀虫剂残留标准的程序。

The bill was defeated, but during the next 25 years more than 100 food and drug bills were introduced in Congress. 虽然议案未获通过,但在随后的25年中,有多个食品与药物法案被提交到国会。

FOOD QUALITY PHOTECTION ACT amends the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, eliminating application of

the Delaney proviso to pesticides.《食品质量保於法》修订了《食品药物与化妆品法》,戴勒内限制性条款不再适用于杀虫剂。

总的来说,就是对外封闭,对内以阶级斗争为纲,忽视发展生产力,制定的政策超越了社会主义的初级阶段。To put it briefly, we pursued a closed-door policy in foreign affairs and took class struggle as the central task at home. No attempt was made to expand the productive forces, and the policies we formulated were too ambitious for the primary stage of socialism.


Shocking disclosures of unsanitary conditions in meatpacking plants, the use of poisonous preservatives and dyes in foods,and cure-all claims for worthless and dangerous patent medicines were the major problems leading to the enactment of these laws. 之所以通过以上法律,主要是因为肉类包装厂卫生条件恶劣,被披露后引起了人们的震惊;商人在食品中使用有毒的防腐剂和染料;药厂声称包治百病的专利药品却没有任何药效甚至危害身体健康。


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